Hello beautiful souls, Thank you for being here. My name is Tayla and I am the creator and dream weaver of Kailani Collective. I am a devoted mother of four, a wife & lightworker from Perth, Western Australia.

I offer my guidance and intuitive gifts through women's circles, wellness retreats, creative workshops, hand poured crystal infused candles & so much more! 

My intention for Kailani Collective has always been to offer a safe space where we come together with open hearts and open minds as a likeminded community, to inspire each other and seek enlightenment through collaboration and creativity. 

To me this is so much more than just a small business, it’s my creative expression!

Kailani collective is an immersive and expansive journey that allows me to share my purpose, my passion and my souls work with you all.

I am so grateful for all of your unconditional love and support, as Kailani Collective continues to evolve.

Love & Gratitude Tay x

“She dances with the spirit of the sun, 

loves with the strength of wild water,

moves with the moods of the moon, 

and creates with the will of the winds.

She is magic. 

She is woman.”